"As a Competent, Competitive, and Professional Education Institute of Agricultural Engineering that based on the values of maritime culture"


"Develop and disseminate science and technology in agricultural engineering sector to accept the challenges of agriculture, food and natural resources and the environment through the implementation of educational activities, research, and community service in an integrated manner"


Education, research, and community service in agricultural techniques sector with the primary goal to obtain alumni that:

1. Master the agricultural science, basic of techniques, agricultural tools and machinery, control system and instrumentation, natural resources and environment, agro-processing and food processing, energy and electrification, information and communication technology, and professional Engineering ethics and entrepreneurship ,
2. Become a designer, manager, and analysts of agricultural system. Also become an entrepreneur who contributes in problem solving with some alternative in agricultural engineering sector through the approach of engineering principles, systems, and management in agriculture.


Gedung Fakultas Pertanian Lantai 4 Kampus Unhas Tamalarea

Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km.10 Makassar, 90245. Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia Telp: +62411-586014