Alumnus of PS Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering  should have minimal ability in completion of work through an approach to engineering principles, systems, and management in agriculture, which includes:

-       Identify, formulate, and provides troubleshooting, based on the principles of engineering;

-       Designing, constructing and managing natural resources in agriculture, equipment and processes in the agricultural system;

-       Implement, analyze, interpret, provide alternative solutions, and applying experiments to improve the performance of the agricultural system.

Alumnus of PS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering must have knowledge about  agricultural science and bio-system, the basics of engineering, tools and agricultural machinery, systems science and management, control system and instrumentation, natural resources and environment, agro-processing and food, energy and electrification, information and communications technology , engineering professional ethics and entrepreneurship. Thus alumnus  will be able to act as a designer, manager and analyst at the farm system, also can become an entrepreneur.

Alumnus  can contribute in solving the problems with some alternative solutions in the field of agricultural engineering and bio-system that can be accounted for, as well as have the ability to:

-       Professional and innovative in work and career in the field of agricultural engineering and biosystem engineering and in accordance with ethical norms of society;

-          Develop the entrepreneurial spirit to be able to contribute to the development of agriculture and biosystem;

-          Able to communicate  scientificly,effectively and have a  response to the application of science and technology in the field of agriculture and biosystem engineering.

From the above description, the learning outcomes of study programs Agricultural Engineering, University of Hasanuddin is :

-       Have ability to use the principles of Engineering to design technologies produck which related with agricultural engineering.

-       innovative thinking and creative in working with strong professional ethics  of Engineering.

-       Have expertise in doing research, explore, develop and apply science and technology in the field of agricultural engineering

-       Ability to work and develop creativity based on cultural values maritime continent

-       Ability in mastering ICT

-       Have the expertise to identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems in the field of agricultural engineering through a systems approach.

-       The ability to develop themselves and logical thinking - analytical

-       Have the expertise to manage and utilizes  natural resources (agriculture and environment) and supporting resources (human resources, capital, infrastructure, etc.) in an optimal and sustainable.

-       Have expertise in the field of entrepreneurship development as well as the leading actor is oriented agribusiness and agro-industries.

-       The ability to cooperate and adapt to the work environment

-       The ability to communicate scientificly and effectively included with the English language

-       Ability to behave and professional behavior as well as having strong leadership by upholding the norms, system of values, moral, religious, ethical and responsible


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